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As a not-for-profit organisation IBVTA will never seek to profit financially from regulation or from our membership fees

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The Independent British Vape Trade Association (IBVTA) was established in April 2016 by some of the UK’s leading independent vape businesses, to be the credible and professional voice of the UK’s independent vape industry. IBVTA is a not-for-profit, non-political trade association.

IBVTA was not formed to be the voice of one particular company or group of companies, but to represent all responsible and ethical independent vape businesses in the UK, irrespective of the size of their companies and operations.

IBVTA is now the UK’s leading trade association for the vape industry, and the only one dedicated exclusively to the independent sector. All members of the IBVTA are free from any control or ownership by the tobacco and pharmaceutical industries. IBVTA members account for more than 50 per cent of the independent market of UK manufactured and imported devices and e-liquids, making IBVTA the largest trade association in this sector.

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