Member Benefits


a collaborative framework through which TPD notifications and testing can be completed

Membership benefits

IBVTA brings together some of the leading vendors, manufacturers, distributors, and importers in the sector and already represents more than 50 per cent of the independent market of UK manufactured and imported devices and e-liquids, making IBVTA the largest trade association in this sector. Through this, IBVTA is able offer members a wide range of member benefits.

Support with TRPR/TPD compliance and notifications

Using it's membership IBVTA has created a collaborative framework through which TPD notifications and testing can be supported.  Critically, because IBVTA is a not-for-profit organisation it does not seek to make any profit from regulation, therefore any charges for these services will be at cost and consequently lower than other commercial offerings.  This collaborative framework will include:

  • Assistance with ingredient disclosure from upstream flavour suppliers,
  • GC/MS analyses of flavour concentrates or of e-liquid final products,
  • GC/MS analyses of e-liquid final products for Molecules of Concern (MOCs),
  • Toxicological review on ingredients,
  • Emissions testing – e-liquids,
  • Emissions testing – Hardware,
  • Toxicological review on MOCs detected from emissions testing,
  • Preparation of Notification Portal Database,
  • Dialogue with DoH, MHRA, DG Sante, and US FDA,
  • Scientific engagement with respected independent Scientists and Medics to progress understanding.

The above process will result in the creation of a secure database of Toxicological Risk Assessments (TRA), available to IBVTA members to purchase at cost.  This will be a collective resource and all members who have TRAs will be encouraged to contribute them to the collective database.

Initially, the cost based income generated from the sale of a TRA will be returned to the IBVTA member who paid for that testing to be done to produce the TRA.  Once that member’s costs have been recovered, all future income from sales of that particular TRA would go directly to fund the work of IBVTA.

Regulatory Support and Guidance

All IBVTA members have unlimited access to our freephone telephone advice line. As well as answering any questions members may have regarding regulation and the wider vape industry, the advice line is there to support members on a bespoke basis for any question you may have, there is nothing you can not ask.

In addition to the advice line, IBVTA produce bespoke written guidance on regulation impacting the vape industry.

IBVTA Business Supports - four essential business services giving you protection and peace of mind.

The IBVTA Business Supports are here to help your business with any issues you have with HR, employment law, health & safety, legal, VAT or tax. However, you don’t have to wait until your business has a serious problem before you call - the advice line will answer any questions you may have.

HR & Employers Advice Service
- Recruitment & selection
- Contracts of employment
- Calculating holiday/sick pay
- Working time regulations
- Disciplinary issues
- Employee handbooks
- HR Administration
- Exit management
Unlimited advice line access to experience HR advisers - available 24/7, 365 days a year as well as over 400 free downloadable employment documents

Tax & VAT Advice Service
- VAT registration
- Recovery of foreign VAT
- Place of supply rules
- Treatments of benefit in kind
- Corporation tax calculations
- HMRC enquiries
Unlimited advice line access to experienced Tax and VAT advisers, available during office hours

Health and Safety Service
- Start-up requirements
- Training
- Compliance issues
- Completing risk assessments
- Fire safety
- First aid requirements
Unlimited advice line access to health and safety specialist advisers available during office hours as well as over 100 free downloadable health and safety documents

Legal Advice Service
- Company law
- Intellectual property
- Online trading
- Supplier & Partnership documents
- Compliance checklists
- Place of supply rules
- VAT rates
Unlimited advice line access to experienced legal advisers, available 24/7, 365 days a year as well as over 200 free downloadable documents for your business.

These business supports come at no extra cost to you - as an IBVTA member you’re already covered.

Industry Representation 

From offices in the heart of Westminster, IBVTA is supported by a dedicated secretariat and a science and regulatory committee made up of engineers, chemists, and pharmacists.  On a daily basis, IBVTA engages constructively on behalf of all members with: the media, policy makers, regulators, the scientific community, vapers, and the general public.

Regular Updates

All IBVTA members receive a regular newsletter containing the latest regulatory developments and industry news.  In addition to this IBVTA members are also informed about the latest news as and when it happens.  IBVTA not only informs members about new regulations or developments in the industry, but also provides members with background information and guidance on the specifics of the regulations.

Due to the relationships IBVTA has established with regulators, IBVTA is often also able to give members advance warning or notice of issues of critical importance.

Resource Hub

All IBVTA members have access to a dedicated resource hub providing access to regulatory and compliance information as well as access to industry, regulatory, and scientific experts.


The IBVTA have partnered with Anthony Jones Insurance, who have built up a wealth of experience across all aspects of this rapidly evolving sector so you can be confident in the advice they give you and the cover they provide. Anthony Jones Insurance offers exclusive, preferential cover for IBVTA members, whether you are a retailer or a manufacturer. For more information, click here.

Events and Networking Opportunities

Throughout the course of the year, IBVTA provides members with a range of opportunities to come together to engage with regulators on a wide-range of important issues.  In 2016, for example, members had the opportunity to discuss proposed changes to the guidance on advertising with the Committee on Advertising Practice and to raise their concerns on the taxation of vape products with the European Commission.

In addition to this, IBVTA also organises an industry conference that members can attend at a reduced rate and is able to secure reduced rate access to other conferences and events.

"Member of" Logos

All IBVTA members are presented with special "member of" logos that they can use on their websites and marketing material.  In addition to this members will soon be receiving "member of" removable window stickers to display in their shops and factories.

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