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membership fees

As a not-for-profit organisation IBVTA will never seek to profit financially from regulation or from our membership fees; we will only ever seek to cover our costs with any profits being ploughed back into the association for the benefit of all members.

Members will be asked to join IBVTA initially for a period of one year.  The fees are on a tiered basis and calculated according to company size:

  • Vendors (e-commerce & retail)
    • 1 - 3 shops £75 pcm
    • 4 - 10 shops £100 pcm
    • 10+ shops £150 pcm
  • Manufacturers and distributors
    • 1 - 5 employees £200 pcm
    • 5 - 25 employees £500 pcm
    • 25+ employees £1000 pcm

*Excl. VAT

*Contact us today for our introductory membership offer.

The IBVTA champions the excellence and longevity of the independent vape industry by representing responsible and ethical companies, and we will assist you to come on board as a member.

If there are areas of non compliance and/or areas where IBVTA can provide mentoring and support to your business, we offer an upfront business advisory service as well as all the existing member benefits. Upon joining, an initial consultation followed by a guidance plan will be agreed between your business and the IBVTA, which is then worked on for 90 days.

The guidance plan might include such things as assistance with understanding and fulfilling responsibilities under TRPR and other relevant regulations; (CE markings, nicotine warnings on liquids and devices, importer details, etc,) as well as business development advice, if appropriate.

This guidance plan will be underpinned by the IBVTA's compliance guidance which has been developed in partnership with our Primary Authority Partner, Kent Trading Standards, as well as support from our membership benefit providers, and our own committee experts.

For more information, please contact us on 0207 808 7855 or via email at

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