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TPD Support

All IBVTA members have access to a dedicated support to answer any TPD related questions they may have. Members can either e-mail their questions to or telephone our TPD advice line on 020 7152 4120. This advice line is available Monday – Friday from 10:00 – 17:00. Please remember to quote your membership number when calling.

How IBVTA can support your TPD notifications?

IBVTA is not here to ‘sell’ compliance. We are a not-for-profit trade association; however, we do recognise that many well run and ethical companies will need support with TPD compliance.

How will IBVTA support such companies?

IBVTA brings together some of the leading vendors, manufacturers, distributors, and importers in the sector and already represents over half of the independent market in the UK, so in addition to our advice line, IBVTA is able to create a collaborative framework through which TPD notifications and testing can be supported. Critically, because IBVTA is a not-for-profit organisation we do not seek to make any profit from regulation, therefore any charges for these services will be at cost and consequently lower than other commercial offerings.

This collaborative framework will include:

Assistance with ingredient disclosure from upstream flavour suppliers,
GC/MS analyses of flavour concentrates or of e-liquid final products,
GC/MS analyses of e-liquid final products for Molecules of Concern (MOCs),
Toxicological review of ingredients,
Emissions testing – e-liquids,
Emissions testing – Hardware,
Toxicological review on MOCs detected from emissions testing,
Preparation of Notification Portal Database,
Dialogue with DoH, MHRA, DG SANTE, and
Scientific engagement with respected independent Scientists and Medics to progress understanding.
In addition to this, IBVTA is aware that there are still some areas of the UK’s implementation of the TPD that remain unresolved. IBVTA is meeting regularly with politicians, and officials at the MHRA, the Department of Health, and the European Commission with the aim of resolving these issues in a proportionate manner.

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